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Infraestructura y equipamiento para centros de distribución
Infraestructura y equipamiento para centros de distribución
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SelecDeck Case Flow Rack

SelecDeck Case Flow uses wheel beds to convert floor level pallet locations into increased pick locations. Its universal roller bed design stores cases of all shapes and sizes.

Industrial Glide-In Push Back Rack

Combining the high density of Drive-In rack and the selectivity of single-deep rack, Glide-In Push Back rack is Frazier’s patented system of enveloping wheeled carts that glide on sloping rails.

Ergo Series Rack

Ergo Series provides easy access to hard to reach cases on lowers shelf levels by creating an opening between pallet locations. It is a great solution to a real problem for all warehouse employees.

Industrial Pallet Mole Semi Automated, Deep Lane Storage

The Pallet Mole runs underneath the pallet loads on rails, delivering and extracting pallets within a deep lane rack system. It significantly improves throughput in FIFO or LIFO applications.

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Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow Rack
A system where pallets sit on a track of wheels with the racking positioned at a downward sloping angle. Gravity drives pallets down the track to place a pallet in the front position for picking.
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El pallet mole
El Pallet Mole - Frazier Industrial Company
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